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Draw, Design, Cut, Build


My work is really the essence of time and awareness.  Artists learn to draw, sculpt, paint, and I think one day something just awakens and you begin channeling the artwork you make.  It feels like suddenly your work comes through you instead of being interpreted by you.  This is the key to the creation of my work.  I feel more as a vessel through which these art forms are produced.  In addition, I want my designs to trigger the momentum needed to open hearts and minds. 


I do love this work.  It's awesome to begin with an idea and eventually have a tangible object in your hand.  This parallels the philosophy that our minds create the world with which we live in.


I’m drawn to the esoteric and the cosmic; this is the resonating theme/style of my work.  Producing a tangible piece of artwork from the design style is the natural evolution of my work. 


It’s an exciting time to be able to combine our technology and modern amenities with the spiritual and energetic force within ourselves for the good and produce a positive outcome.


The art work shown here is either the digital design known as vector artwork, or the actual cut and constructed final product from the design.  There are also many photos of “in the works” projects as well.

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