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Draw, Design, Cut, Build

This type of work is partially Graphic design/partially fine art.  My work is produced through the Graphic design context with much experimentation, particularly in materials and styles to produce the artworks. 

I have a fine arts background coupled with foundational skills of art, with many years of experience and experimentation.   A brief exploration in ceramics, led to settling in with Drawing and Graphic Design.  This type of work has many layers of skill development that have arisen through my work in the past 20 years. I still am learning new devices, machines and software as I progress through this career. 

The Pursuit of perfection goes into every piece I make.  I strive to produce quality items that are well built and are aesthetically pleasing from all angles including the unseen parts.

I exclusively work to bring about many original styles and categories of my work.  Doing this puts me on the couch with my sketch book and pencil as I sit working through line work and sketch after sketch as my drawing begin to corelate and things naturally come together.  Better said this is the birthplace of all of my work. 

My workshop is always expanding, and something that has taken years to accomplish.  I can say with joy that my work spaces are wonderful, unique and keep me almost infinitely busy. 

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